At D2|TEAM-Sim, our mission is to provide our clients enterprise-wide, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) solutions in a rapid development environment with a maximum return on investment.

Our commitment to creating engaging blended learning courseware and gaming by leveraging commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and in-house development tools has resulted in award winning recognition for the team.

This integrated approach to design and technology allows us to deliver effective training solutions on time and within budget.

Assisting Instructor Lead & Virtual Training

D2|TEAM-Sim assists Instructor-Led as well as Virtual Training sessions for Army Schoolhouses and Centers of Excellence. These sessions can range from basic 4-hour introductory training up through full 5-day training, development and deployment sessions.

D2 has created a comprehensive User Guide and Training Workbook for all its training classes that’s used to support guided and self-paced learning annexes. Additionally, D2 has developed a complete video library of training and FAQs to support the learner after the training sessions are over.

Expertise at all 5 levels of Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

Level 0 – The learner is introduced to ideas and conceptual information through reading, listening and viewing such as with a video or PowerPoint presentation with no interactivity.

Level 1 – Passive – The learner is introduced to ideas and conceptual information in a linear or hierarchical format such as navigating a slide presentation or main menu.

Level 2 – Limited Participation – The learner interacts with objects and is required to recall information and makes simple responses to instructional clues.

Level 3 – Complex Participation – The learner has increased control over the lesson and makes decisions using varying techniques in response to instructional cues and applies complex information to solve a problem or produce results.

Level 4 – Real-Time Participation – The learner is directly involved in a life-like set of complex cues and responses within a real-time simulated environment. Learners recall large amounts of information and demonstrate specific tasks with measurable results.

Levels of IMI Examples:

An Award-winning Team of Artists & Animators

D2|TEAM-Sim’s award winning team of artists use innovative techniques in modeling, texture and light to create realistic 3D environments, equipment and vehicles. With the use of current-era technology, users can interact within these scenes and objects adding realism to the Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) environment.

Rapid App Design & Mobile Development

Mobile applications should add value above and beyond a browser-based application. Today’s modern mobile user expects their mobile app to make clever and appropriate use of the phone’s hardware, such as the accelerometer, camera, GPS, light sensor, microphone, and/or speakers. D2 works with clients to understand the hardware features of Android® and Apple®  phones and tablets and fits them within the context of the desired features of the mobile app. Through this process we determine the appropriate hardware features to leverage and maximize training effectiveness.

Our experience in interactive media also covers evaluation, assessment and integration of existing technologies. This experience, coupled with our use of a variety of cutting edge technologies, enables us to deliver simulations, games and applications on leading hand held devices. D2 has the capability to rapidly design, develop, and implement any type of mobile solution using our highly successful “Rapid Prototyping” process. D2 quickly incorporates Subject Matter Expert (SME) input, gains client review/approval on early courseware prototypes, then moves to the app development phase using a proven storyboarding process.

Video Production & Editing Services

We provide a full range of multimedia production services from our in-house video studio with green screen capability to our team of creative writers and producers. In addition, our four hi-definition and standard editing suites gives us maximum flexibility to work in any format and deliver in any format from broadcast to broadband.

When needed, our production team can create video elements that enhance the user experience and deliver effective interactive multimedia instruction.