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IMI Expertise

Dynamic & responsive learning environments that drive results

No two training tasks are exactly the same, some are more complex than others. That’s why D2 employs experts who can identify the exact type, complexity, and amount of IMI needed to train a task. We employ a wide range of experts within the fields of education and media design, allowing us to create and combine assets in a way that maximizes learning potential.

Leveraging the latest in advanced multimedia

Our team produces a wide range of multimedia assets, such as videos, animations, activities, and simulations, to create engaging and effective training experiences. Instead of relying on text or audio alone, learners obtain knowledge and practice skills by watching recorded demonstrations, inspecting 3D models, or participating in simulations. These highly interactive assets help capture the learner’s attention, increase their interest in the subject, and improve knowledge retention.

Modern training experiences built from thorough research

To be effective, IMI training must be built with each task’s specific goals and requirements in mind. That’s why our development process begins with an in-depth analysis of all available information related to your topic. By becoming subject matter experts, we are able to determine which IMI resources would create the most successful training experience for your audience.

Enhanced learning through interactive tasks

In recent years, studies have found that IMI training provides several benefits which other training methods lack. Most notably, learners are much more likely to complete training exercises that include interactive components they can engage with directly. IMI training tools can also be used to help learners develop better muscle memory, sharper visualization skills, and increased system familiarity.

Video Instruction

Clear & concise training offered through visual demonstration

One of the most effective methods of learning a skill is to see how it is performed. That’s why D2 produces step-by-step training videos which clearly demonstrate how tasks should be executed. Each video is edited to include highlights, close-ups, and other on-screen support to ensure every detail is captured. Procedures can be filmed in a variety of formats, including 4K, 8K, and 360°.

We’re your one-stop-shop for video production

Located in Somerset, NJ, we provide everything needed to create cutting-edge training videos:

  • Production studio with green screen
  • Three digital editing studios
  • Motion graphics and 2D/3D animation
  • Concept treatments, script writing, storyboarding
  • Sound design

We also work with an extensive network of actors, camera crews, casting agents, and other production personnel to assist with fulfilling large or complex productions.

Utilizing video editing techniques that enhance learning

Capturing a learner’s attention is key to developing an effective training experience. Our videos include on-screen callouts, highlights, and close-ups which help draw a viewer’s attention to particular details and keep their focus where it matters. We maximize user interest by keeping each training video visually interesting, thereby improving the rate at which they gain and retain information.

Capturing every detail in stunning 4K, 8K, or 360°

Using high-end videography equipment, our team captures every important detail of your training procedures with remarkable clarity. Record expert demonstrations at the highest resolutions, up to and including 8K. We can also take your training a step further with 360° videos, which place the viewer directly into a recorded scenario. From within the 360° video, viewers gain a sense of physical presence and can witness every step play out in a realistic environment.


Greater engagement and learning through serious games

Traditional training methods often fail to capture a learner’s attention. To improve learner engagement, D2 leverages gamification techniques to develop training experiences that are dynamic and interesting. Our team carefully identifies and implements the most effective mechanics based on the target audience and core training goals. As compared to other training methodologies, gamification has been shown to improve learner motivation, retention, and recall rates.

Progression incentive

Visually depict and incrementally measure training progress with itemized checklists and progress bars. This active display of a learner’s progression generates inspiration to reach clearly defined goals.

Action and results

Provide decision-based activities that immediately demonstrate the results of each choice. Receiving instant feedback allows learners to quickly identify the results and impact of their actions.

Friendly competition

Track and share training completion rates in a public setting, allowing learners to compare their progress. Desire to surpass others or contribute to a communal goal drives learner interest and engagement.

True-to-life experiences

Immerse learners in interactive simulations that facilitate “hands-on” practice in realistic scenarios. Simulations support the development of integral skills, such as muscle memory and visual acuity, that other training methods cannot.

We make serious games!

Introducing game elements into your lesson plan is a great way of producing content that is highly engaging, and allows the user to learn experientially. Gamified learning is all about taking those kinds of benefits and turning them into an everyday experience.

  • First-person narrative-based investigation game
  • More educational than simulation
  • Dialogue and cut-scene system
  • Inventory and item system
  • Checks on learning assessment of found clues


Immersive experiences that provide true-to-life practice & feedback

D2 can create detailed digital simulations of nearly any real-life system or scenario. Our fully interactive reproductions help make “hands-on” training possible at any time. Each simulation can support both guided and unguided training, allowing learners to safely practice new skills or test their competency. Our simulation-based training service also includes features that assist with score logging, completion tracking, and skill certification.

An entire system at your fingertips

To facilitate hands-on training, D2 builds highly-interactive 3D simulations of system interfaces for use on multiple devices. Learners are able to practice routine system operations by clicking or tapping on the model, which reacts accordingly on-screen. Text and audio instructions help guide learners through the physical process of completing tasks, allowing them to improve their muscle memory and system familiarity.

Train with a replica in the real world

D2 is able to demonstrate how your system will look and operate within the real world through the power of Augmented Reality (AR). Simply scan your surrounding environment with the camera located within your mobile device, and watch as an interactive replica of your system appears on the screen. The simulation can be programmed to move and operate within the visually captured area, allowing learners to witness how the system would function within a realistic environment.

Experience any training scenario imaginable

Expand the limits of your training capabilities with D2’s fully-immersive Virtual Reality (VR) scenarios. Your learners will engage in realistic, hands-on training from within a true-to-life real-world simulation. Our VR scenarios make it possible to safely practice procedures that would otherwise be too dangerous or costly to attempt. With advanced 3D graphics, up to six-degrees of movement, and customizable environments, learners can instantly step into any training scenario you can imagine.

Software Customization

Distributed Instruction Framework (DIF®)

Easily create and manage interactive eLearning courseware from anywhere.

The most successful online courses start with DIF®

DIF® is D2’s proprietary IMI content development software, used to develop, create, and update highly engaging digital training courseware.


Instructional designers and content developers can use DIF® to produce courseware using a variety of media and assets.


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can review and add comments, while artists, programmers, and media specialists create and modify assets.


Produce SCORM-compliant course modules that can be easily deploy into any Learning Management System (LMS).


Content and media assets can be maintained, organized, updated, and reused, facilitating the creation of future courses.

The DIF® event manager supports limitless potential

Building customized interactive courseware has never been easier. The Event Manager’s logic-based drag-and-drop system makes it simple for any developer to rapidly create engaging activities within DIF®. From simple quizzes to complex system interface simulations, bring your courseware to life without needing to write a single line of code!

Version Control

  • Update content from anywhere, anytime
  • Track changes
  • Content cannot be permanently overwritten or lost
  • Designed for verification and validation


  • Scorm conformant
  • Section 508 compliant
  • Support popular asset types
  • Output to HTML5 for deployment to Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive
  • Rapid storyboarding and prototyping
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • WYSIWYG previews


  • Browser-based
  • Enterprise-wide
  • Check-in/check out content for modification
  • Expedite approvals

Global Repository

  • House libraries of templates, assets, and courses
  • Import web-supported multimedia asset types, such as: HTML5, video, 3D models, Unity games, and more

Rapid Reuse

  • Design and apply global templates for a consistent look and feel
  • Search and sort content
  • Reuse assets and modules to accelerate courseware development

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