D2|TEAM-Sim developed DIF, an enterprise-wide cloud-based eLearning technology to deliver computer based training utilizing the Army virtual learning five levels of Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), blending complexity 0 through 4 to advance the Warfighter’s ability to support force-readiness.

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D2|TEAM-Sim (D2), a division of Appliedinfo Partners, Inc., is a woman-owned small business focused on enhancing training technology through the use of advanced educational methodologies. Since 2011, D2 has been a leading developer of enterprise-wide Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) solutions powered by the Distributed Instruction Framework (DIF) for aerospace and defense industries, healthcare organizations, and other government agencies. Through collaboration and shared resources, D2 rapidly designs and efficiently delivers highly effective IMI solutions for organizations around the world. With our assistance, better training becomes possible for anyone, at any time, and from anywhere. Contact Us

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