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D2 TEAM-Sim (D2), a business division of Appliedinfo Partners, Inc. (AIP), is a Woman-owned Small Business (WOSB) focused on the development of enterprise-wide training tools, innovative learning processes, and multimedia communication solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), healthcare industry, and corporate clients. We combine standards-based technology with innovative adult learning methodologies to create proven distributed learning (DL) content and systems.

D2 offers an integrated portfolio of services centered on technology-enabled learning to help clients meet unique training system and content development needs. We develop innovative approaches to collaborative team training by creating platforms and courseware that deliver higher fidelity training at a lower cost. Our award-winning team of instructional designers, programmers, and content developers have the experience required to deliver truly impactful computer-based training (CBT) solutions.

The Distributed Instructional Framework® (DIF®) is D2’s in-house training content development software tool, specifically designed to support the production of highly interactive digital courseware. By combining the power of a central repository of training assets with innovative Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) features, DIF® can be used to create an engaging learning experience on any topic. DIF®’s online virtual learning capabilities also facilitate the production of training solutions which remain accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. DIF®’s modular approach to courseware development makes producing new training resources or updating old content easier than ever by allowing users to rapidly reuse and replace assets over time.

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