Warrant Officer Professional Character Development

D2 TEAM-Sim recently worked with the U.S. Army Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) to develop an interactive online training course on the Army Profession and ethical decision making targeted specifically for new Warrant Officers. The online course allowed the users to choose from three different characters and areas of expertise to role-play through a series of challenging ethical scenarios. D2 TEAM-Sim created the content from research based focus groups, wrote the scripts and produced and directed three interactive movies in addition to developing the software programming for the course.

After the learner views each scenario they are tasked to make a decision in response to the situation. Each decision affects the outcome of the situation and also drives how the user will interact throughout the course. At the conclusion of the course, there is an evaluation based on the users responses that determines the type of decision making process they typically use. The end result is always different depending on how the end user responds to the situation.

D2 TEAM-Sim delivered over 4 and a half hours of interactive video along with an online course that effectively challenges new Warrant Officers with realistic ethically challenging situations and allows them to learn about their own decision making process and the effects their decisions have in real life scenarios.