US Army Blazing Skies Mobile Game

D2 TEAM-Sim recently released our second game for the U.S. Army Office Chief Air Defense Artillery (OCADA), called “Blazing Skies”. Blazing Skies is an unclassified, free to play game designed to run primarily as a native application (app) on portable phones and other devices running the Android or iOS platforms, but can also be accessed through a standard web browser. The primary goal of the app/game is to increase Air Defense Artillery visibility among top officer candidates helping to encourage them to consider ADA when choosing a placement.

A tower defense-style game, Blazing Skies allows the player to position a number of weapons systems to defend against inbound enemy threats who are trying to attack your base. What makes Blazing Skies different is that your weapons systems represent the past, present and future of the US Army Air Defense Artillery (ADA). The game starts off in the past, where you must emplace Vulcan, Chaparral and Hawk weapons systems in order to defend against the enemy incursion. You begin with the Vulcan, and as your game play progresses, and your weapons systems gain “experience”, you can upgrade your systems capabilities in terms of damage, range or rate of fire. Eventually, when a weapons system gains enough experience, you are able to upgrade your weapons system technology from past to present to future tech!

Built using Unity 3D, everything within Blazing Skies is 3D: the terrain, weapons systems, enemy aircraft and missiles. The game provides a top-down view of the battlefield, but selecting any weapons system or in-bound enemy will provide a side view of that unit during the battle, where you can watch it fire, fly or be destroyed! And users playing on mobile devices can use “pinch and zoom” to get a full view of the battlespace or zero in on a specific tower.

Blazing Skies also includes a unique Augmented Reality system, where you can unlock additional achievements by obtaining collectable cards and scanning them into the game. These limited addition cards will only be available at select OCADA recruiting events, but will also be periodically made available electronically here on the Blazing Skies web site.