US Army Air Defender App

D2 TEAM-Sim designed, developed and deployed the “US Army Air Defender” application (“app”) for the Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Branch. The app was designed to be accessible via the web as well as on Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets). D2 TEAM-Sim worked closely with the Office Chief Air Defense Artillery (OCADA) and other ADA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to produce the app. Released on March 30, 2012, the app was created as a recruiting tool for the ADA. The “US Army Air Defender “ app simulates the progression of an ADA officer from entry level to general officer. “US Army Air Defender” provides the player with a brief tutorial, and starts him or her out as a second lieutenant (2LT). As a 2LT, the player will conduct training daily to become eligible for promotion. After completing prescribed tasks and missions at every level, players can be promoted through the ranks to Brigadier General (the highest level). Throughout the application, players learn about ADA weapon systems, assignments, organizations, and history.

“US Army Air Defender” is available as a free download at the iTunes Store, and Google Play. Players use points earned within the app to purchase items for use in an ADA mini-game and receive awards for their accomplishments. Players are assigned a unique code that they can use to recruit other players, building their own unit organization from a squad up to an Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC).

In addition to developing and maintaining the “US Army Air Defender” app, D2 TEAM-Sim maintained the back-end web server/database, provided bug fixes throughout the duration of the period of performance as well as provided demographic and usage information to OCADA to assess the success of the game.