Patriot Missile Crew Drill Training

The Challenge: Raytheon wanted to produce a pilot piece of training to show the benefits of utilizing IMI in the training of Patriot Missile PAC–2 Missile crews. Current training consists mainly of classroom instruction coupled with “charade” like activities designed to familiarize soldiers with the order of operations without any visual representation of the equipment.

Our Solution: Our solution was to create a level 4 IMI that uses a text to speech avatar and video for basic instructions.

Press to Play the Patriot Missile Crew Drill Training Video

The trainee is immersed in a 3D gaming environment, allowing them to participate in a simulated emplacement drill as crew member The trainee has 25 minutes to complete the virtual crew drill, and the training provides visual (and sometimes whimsical) feedback about their progress, successes and failures.