Our client was asked by the US Army to work on a multimedia project that could demonstrate a sophisticated intelligence monitoring system that was in development and would be implemented as part of the war on terrorism initiative. The project had to be completed within 3 weeks and required an around-the-clock production team.

Our solution was to create a video that incorporated 3D graphics and simulations and video effects to meet the project goals. Utilizing four 3D graphics artists, a Motion Effects artist and Final Cut Pro video editor, D2 TEAM-Sim combined the talents of our team to develop an efficient work flow process, quickly organized and disseminated tasks and created an effective simulation and representation of the new intelligence system.

The video was completed on time and within budget and included as part of a conference presentation by high ranking officials in the US Army to demonstrate the full LANDISRNET system using the 3D modeling and simulations. Initial feedback was that the demonstration was well received and that the use of the 3D modeling we produced was clearly understood by the audience and accurately portrayed the future vision of the project.

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