Contracting Officer Representatives Course

D2 TEAM-Sim was tasked by CASCOM Sustainment Center of Excellence to analyze, design, and develop a 40-hour Distance Learning (DL) COR course to be used as Pre-Deployment Training for Contracting Officer Representatives for contingency contracting and operational contract support.

The new course is in support of the Army’s requirement to develop a comprehensive COR DL course for deploying soldiers who will serve as CORs and assist and sustain Soldiers (CORs) throughout the phrases of the deployment process. D2 TEAM-Sim developed the product using the mandated references of the Federal and local Acquisition regulations, current resident COR courses, outdated DL course, and Lessons Learned from Soldiers who had served as deployed CORs. This product walks soldiers who are current CORs, as well as future CORs, through the training deployment process of preparing to deploy, deploying, and returning from deployment.

D2 TEAM-Sim delivered a product that complies with the lesson strategy and learning steps/activities identified in TRADOC Regulation 350-70 and in Software Development Specifications. Our web-based, asynchronous self-paced Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) training course is able to play in Distributed Learning System (DLS) Digital Training Facility (DTF) and Baseline Home PC configured computers.

Using our proprietary software, D2 Distributed Instruction Framework (DIF®), we designed and developed the interactive course that is Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) conformant, integrate into the current Learning Management System (LMS) and is compliant with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. By adding levels 1, 2 and 3 IMI, we created an engaging course that is both browser-based and available via DVD.