• How We Build 21st Century Courseware

    From video production to Virtual Reality, D2 TEAM-Sim has the tools and expertise to make top-tier immersive IMI courses for your organization.

  • COTS Product Video

    D2|TEAM-Sim, a division of Appliedinfo Partners, Inc., develops distributed learning, computer based training solutions utilizing the Army virtual learning five levels of Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), blending complexity 0 through 4, as defined by U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command to advance the Warfighter’s ability to support force-readiness.

  • Track Installation

    Today people are using video for education. These are not always verified or validated. At D2 we follow strict guidelines when presenting the video instruction. The material is demonstrated in small chunks showing only the steps required to complete the procedure. Each step is presently clearly and free of distractions. Narration of the steps is […]