• Cyber Sleuth

    Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent in our new digital world. This can critically affect your organization, expose client information, and have high monetary costs. Created for cybersecurity awareness month, Cyber Sleuth, a D2|Cybersecurity Game is meant to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity in schools. PLAY NOW First-person narrative-based investigation game More educational than […]

  • Bucket & Boom Truck

    The Bucket & Boom Truck simulation is intended to train linemen on the use of a joystick-controlled bucket truck. This simulation allowed for operation of the truck’s arm by manipulation of an in-world controller, as well as the ability to fix the power pole with in-world tools. A 3D camera was used to create a […]

  • Talon Training Aid

    Talon Training Aid exhibits basic use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology by integrating AR features, such as plane detection, with those available from the Talon simulation. The longer the system remains active the more it learns about the environment, restricting the robot from passing through walls and obstacles. The training aid allows a learner to […]

  • Chemical Response Team

    The Chemical Response Team scenario is a simulation of a potential chemical hazard situation. The user plays the role of a CBRN soldier and must enter a lab room to probe it for potentially harmful chemicals. In addition to being able to teleport around the space, open doors, and pick up objects, the user can […]

  • MPU5 Wave Relay

    A demonstration of the MPU5 Wave Relay Radio, this VR experience allows a user to cycle through for exploration of a 3D space in VR by use of teleportation. This simulation shows the radio’s features and gives the user a way to more closely inspect the radio model. It also takes the user through a […]

  • Talon Startup

    Originally an app for the Oculus Go, the Talon Startup VR project was adapted to use Oculus Touch controls for a more immersive VR experience. The simulation allows the user to walk around in an environment with the Talon robot to go over its startup checks and procedures. The true-to-life scale of the robot gives […]