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  • DIF Provides a Cloud Platform for VR Training

    Within the training and simulation industry, there is increasing interest in the development and delivery of training via the Cloud. D2 TEAM-Sim’s Distributed Instruction Framework (DIF) provides such a capability. As a cloud-based platform, any military or commercial organization can quickly develop and deploy training products for web, tablet or mobile delivery from anywhere, to […]

  • Agile DL For Army Product Training White Paper Published

    Agile Distributed Learning (DL) for Army Product Training (ADAPT) – As the US Army continues to implement the vision of the Army Learning Concept/Model (ALM), it is challenged with how to rapidly and cost effectively update, maintain, manage and deploy new and existing Distributed Learning (DL) training courseware that meets the needs of today’s digital-age […]

  • US Army Home Station Training Solution White Paper Published

    Supporting Home Station Training with Virtual Training Across the Enterprise – Increasingly, the Army is deploying more complex warfighting systems. In this white paper, we discuss a solution to the key challenge of maintaining Soldier readiness by ensuring that comprehensive, up-to-date training on the operation and maintenance of these complex systems is readily available throughout […]

  • D2 TEAM-Sim Partners With DiSTI For Virtual 3D Solutions

    D2 TEAM-Sim, the provider of the Distributed Instruction Framework® (DIF) for the United States Army, and The DiSTI Corporation, a leading global provider of Virtual Training Solutions announce a partnership agreement to address the growing demand for high fidelity 3D virtual training solutions for the US Army and other DoD customers. DiSTI and D2 TEAM-Sim […]

  • Army Agile Knowledge Transfer White Paper Published

    Army Agile Knowledge Transfer (A2KT) – In this white paper we discuss how the Army TRADOC Enterprise Content Development Capability (ECDC), powered by DIF®, can be leveraged to create an agile and adaptive knowledge repository of invaluable wartime and combat experience, in the form of videos and other digital assets. We also discuss how this […]

  • DL Update and Conversion Solution White Paper Published

    Distributed Learning (DL) Update and Conversion Using DIF® – Creating, updating, converting and maintaining relevant Distributed Learning (DL) course material is a difficult and expensive process. Too often courseware becomes outdated, at times even before it is released, and cost barriers prevent the Soldiers from getting the up-to-date training they need. In this white paper, […]

  • D2 TEAM-Sim Exhibiting at AUSA 2017

    D2 TEAM-Sim is set to exhibit at the 2017 AUSA annual meeting and exposition from October 9-11, 2017 in Washington DC. D2 TEAM-Sim has been selected by TRADOC TCM TADLP (The Army Distributed Learning Program) to provide DIF, their Distributed Learning development software, as the Enterprise Content Development Capability (ECDC) which can be used to […]

  • D2 TEAM-Sim Wins New TRADOC Contract

    D2 TEAM-Sim was awarded a new services contract to provide licenses, training and technical support for The Army Distributed Learning Program – Directorate (TADLP-D) Enterprise Content Development Capability (ECDC). D2 TEAM-Sim, an Appliedinfo Partners division based out of Somerset, NJ, will continue supporting TADLP-D in its mission to improve Army readiness by providing rigorous, relevant […]