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Distributed Instruction Framework (DIF®)

Recognizing the challenge of managing and developing content for Interactive Multimedia Instruction, D2 TEAM-Sim introduces DIF®;, an intuitive, user-friendly and browser-based solution for the Department of Defense. DIF®; enables the cataloging, maintenance and reuse of media assets and available training course materials. D2 TEAM-Sim's approach to the IMI process allows us to seamlessly integrate images, video, 2D and 3D graphics, HTML 5 interactions NGRAIN and UNITY game-based simulation to create a total training package. With the introduction of DIF®;, we've taken our expertise in design and technology and incorporated it into a powerful tool.

With DIF®;, users create, organize and publish IMI courses using new content or by merging new and existing assets within an easy-to-use interface. Content can be developed once, and published out to multiple platforms included desktop and mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. DIF®; enables an unprecedented capability that allows for rapid critical updates to IMI courses on an on-going basis. By applying approved standardized templates, training courses maintain a common look and feel across the enterprise. DIF®; allows authorized users to develop page templates through our Template Builder's intuative "drag & drop" interface. DIF®; was designed to support configuration management for software and hardware, where continued updating of training material is critical throughout the product life cycle.

DIF®; is a comprehensive solution for the creation, organization and reuse of assets, providing users with a cost effective and logical workflow for IMI content, management and publishing. DIF®; content is SCORM conformant, Section 508 compliant and can be easily integrated into any Learning Management System.

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