1. DIF and DiSTi VE Studio Integration

D2 TEAM-Sim Partners With DiSTI For Virtual 3D Solutions

D2 TEAM-Sim, the provider of the Distributed Instruction Framework® (DIF) for the United States Army, and The DiSTI Corporation, a leading global provider of Virtual Training Solutions announce a partnership agreement to address the growing demand for high fidelity 3D virtual training solutions for the US Army and other DoD customers. DiSTI and D2 TEAM-Sim are collaborating to develop and integrate new interactive 3D content within D2 TEAM-Sim’s DIF Platform to increase learner engagement across the US Army enterprise.

The value proposition of the DIF platform is the enterprise approach to rapid development and scalable delivery of multi-level Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) by leveraging one centralized content library. The approach ensures standardization across the enterprise, maximizes reuse and simplifies accreditation management with SCORM-compliant integration for both the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) and the Enterprise Lifelong Learning Center (ELLC).

The collaboration will publish interactive 3D content within the DIF® platform to increase learner engagement across the US Army enterprise.

According to President of D2 TEAM-Sim, John Lau, “Since the US Army has purchased our DIF platform, we have experienced increased demand for expanding the use of the platform with new engaging, interactive simulation relevant to the diverse training and learning objectives required by the Army subscribers. D2 TEAM-Sim’s partnership with DiSTI will fill that gap.”

Joe Swinski, President of DiSTI adds, “We look forward to partnering with D2 TEAM-Sim to address the growing demand in the defense industry for 3D training curriculum. Over the past 20 years DiSTI has developed technology and methodologies which dramatically reduce the time and cost of developing 3D training content delivered to desktop, mobile and virtual reality devices simultaneously. By leveraging the DIF platform with VE Studio content, US Army course developers will be able publish courses that incorporate interactive 3D content without having to write software code and deliver the training to soldiers anytime, anywhere and on any device.”

John Lau continues, “We have already begun integration of DiSTI WebGL assets into the DIF platform, and will be demonstrating the joint capability during the AUSA Global Force 2018 in Huntsville, Alabama from March 26th to March 28th. Please contact Walt Rant COL, USA Ret at 732-757-8252 to see the solution in action.”

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