D2 TEAM-Sim Exhibiting at AUSA 2017

D2 TEAM-Sim is set to exhibit at the 2017 AUSA annual meeting and exposition from October 9-11, 2017 in Washington DC. D2 TEAM-Sim has been selected by TRADOC TCM TADLP (The Army Distributed Learning Program) to provide DIF, their Distributed Learning development software, as the Enterprise Content Development Capability (ECDC) which can be used to develop, update, maintain and store Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI). With DIF, Instructional Designers (ISDs), Training Developers, Graphic Artists and SMEs can collaborate to create engaging and effective courseware utilizing a variety of assets such as video, audio, animations, Unity multi-users gaming and 3D models. Using DIF, Education, Training, Lessons Learned, and TTPs can all be developed under one content development platform. Weapons/Cybersecurity System training can now be rapidly created for New Equipment Training, and shared with Institutional Training by Centers of Excellence, Sustainment Training by Army Materiel Life Cycle Management Commands, and Home Station/Refresher Training by FORSCOM Command, all to enhance Army Readiness. Additionally, D2 TEAM-Sim has developed a library of highly interactive cybersecurity content available for reuse.

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