D2 TEAM-Sim Wins New TRADOC Contract

D2 TEAM-Sim was awarded a new services contract to provide licenses, training and technical support for The Army Distributed Learning Program – Directorate (TADLP-D) Enterprise Content Development Capability (ECDC). D2 TEAM-Sim, an Appliedinfo Partners division based out of Somerset, NJ, will continue supporting TADLP-D in its mission to improve Army readiness by providing rigorous, relevant and tailored distributed training and education to Army Soldiers, Leaders and Civilians. ECDC is the Army’s enterprise tool for building interactive multimedia courses to support distance learning via the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) and US Army Enterprise Lifelong Learning Center (ELLC). D2 TEAM-Sim is proud of the opportunity to continue supporting TADLP-D and the Army’s TRADOC centers, schools, US Army Reserve Center and National Guard Bureau.

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